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Hello, we are sandmerit.

Over the past 18 years, we have helped more than 500 SMEs with our KPI solutions

A study in 2020 shows that by having a specific set of missions, visions and goals, your employees will be motivated to give their best and develop great team spirits within the company.

Hence, big corporations around the world use similar KPI systems to manage their employees.

You could do the same to your team and experience tremendous changes in their efficiency and innovation too.

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Business owners, are you facing the following challenges
Pressure worker without kpi
At the same time, you are handling the extra amount of pressure from the pandemic.


Sandmerit kpi system



2-in-1 workshop
+ system

The perfect solution to the abovementioned problems

Not your ordinary training course:

Let us show you how to activate your KPI with your team in just 2 days – a system similar to what “Asian Sugar King” has
in his empire.

This course is suitable for

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wilson ten

KPI coach

Hi, I’m Wilson.

I am the founder and current CEO of SandFil International.

In the past 18 years, I have witnessed countless cases of SME owners failing to motivate their employees to give their best for the company.
This is due to the unfair reward system in the company, and the employees couldn’t see their futures in the company.
Furthermore, this could cause disharmony and a lack of team spirit within the organisation, hence slowing down the company’s growth in the long run.

If you are facing such challenges, we can help you with our KPI solutions.

Sign up for our free seminar now and let me assist you in activating your KPI system so you could achieve your business goals as a formidable team.

• Founder & CEO of SandFil International
• More than 18 years of industry experience
• Australia-Certified Performance Management Professional
• British-Certified Leadership Development (British Association for Coaching and LEDA Coaching Systems UK)
• Coached companies with 10 employees up to a yearly turnover of few hundred millions
• Interviewed by BFM on Performance Management
• Interviewed by Capital TV on Performance Management
• Invited to speak at Chinese Chamber of Commerce on performance management
• HR Committee in Federation of Manufacturing Malaysia
• Resource speaker for Vistage Malaysia on Performance Management
• Experience in implementing performance management solutions for multinational corporations and public listed companies in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand
• Trained thousands of people in SME industry on performance management
• Hands-on in-house experience for performance management for hundreds of SME in Malaysia.
• Featured in British Publishing House’s Encyclopaedia of Malaysia Successful People (2nd edition)

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KPI trainer

Coach Vivian


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Datin Angie Ng, CEO, Fulcrum Management

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Puan Maz, CEO, GPIBS Berhad

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Mr Teo, GreenPro Global Accounting Firm SDN BHD

Training Images

Enjoe Tong
Enjoe Tong
实践性的培训课 明确和容易明白 很有经验的讲师 会让你深层的反思自己的KPI系统
Santha Dnam
Santha Dnam
Good workshop with lots of information on setting the right KPI
Jenna Loh
Jenna Loh
Relevant and focus KPI tool that is suitable for on-time and transparent tracking for both employee and employer. Found the system to be useful and cost effective.
ong wendy
ong wendy
Good training for all the staff to understand about the KPI, win win for both the employee and employer.
Desmond Goh
Desmond Goh
Thank you Wilson for sharing your knowledge and experience with me. Highly recommend.

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