Human resources are essential for a thriving business. However, even industry leaders are making these HR mistakes which cost them hundreds of thousands in revenue! If even business giants are vulnerable to this, how about your business?

Let’s see, did you: 

  • Already invest thousands into a cutting edge HR software? 
  • How about you set up KPIs according to the largest organizations out there?
  • Still implement old management styles in your office?
  • Still use outdated year-end appraisal systems with a subjective nature?

Before we begin, here are some statistics for you to understand the full picture:

  • 95% of managers find accurately measuring employee performance difficult
  • Only 20% of employees strongly agree their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work.
  • 45% of employees find their KPIs confusing and rather demotivating.
  • More than 50% of all organizations globally have difficulty retaining some of their most valued employee groups.

This goes on to show how severe these mistakes can cost. Especially if you have invested so much in your HR system.

If untreated, the consequences of such mistakes will bring to malignant conditions such as toxic work culture, decreasing productivity and gradually chasing away talented employees.

Big and Small Businesses Suffer From This Mistake

You might think only big organisations make these mistakes but that’s not true. Our 18 years of solid battle experience tells us otherwise.

Businesses big or small are always working with people. This means every business is vulnerable to these costly mistakes.

Your employees are the cogs and gears to your revenue generating machine which is your business. If you don’t regularly and properly maintain them, how will you grow big?

You might be thinking now, “Well, I’m sure my business is fine, there are no serious problems yet”. We urge you to take a test now, if your business has none of the following HR problems, you can stop reading:

  • You struggle to understand how to measure employee performance properly
  • Your appraisal question includes “How would you rate your performance this quarter?” and “Where do you see yourself in (an amount of time)?”
  • Your KPI measurements sometimes let you think “Why am I even collecting this data?”
  • You tell your team “We need to measure this because other companies are doing so!”
  • Your employees don’t or won’t willingly work extra hours to achieve a goal anymore.
  • The answers to your questionnaires are always “Good, good, good, good” “Average, average, average, average” or something similar

Surely you’ve guessed it, these are some of the symptoms of your HR mistakes.

The Best (and Free) Way To Find Out What Went Wrong

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You will be shocked that even industry leading companies are struggling to make their top talents stay. 

What you will get in this report:

  • 7 mistakes you are making in your appraisal system which lets high performing talents slip away
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Sure, this sounds like a problem, but why should you believe what we have to say?

Our Industry Experience 

Here’s why:

Our leaders are seasoned professionals when it comes to human resources. With 18 years of experience, there’s nothing we haven’t seen.

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In fact, here’s what our customers have to say:

So why are we giving away this information for free? 

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