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The 1 day KPI Course that will change the way you evaluate employees

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Our 1 day training course will help you do that. Fundamentals of KPI is an intensive one day online course which will greatly enhance your human resources planning skills.

Here’s what you will take away from the course:

  • Strategic planning of objectively measured KPIs
  • Skills to identify your company appraisal system’s weaknesses
  • Real mentorship from prestigious backgrounds
  • Certificate from HELP University

Who is suitable to enroll in this course:

  • Business owners
  • Human resources executives
  • Human resources managers and experts
  • Professionals with beginner to intermediate knowledge in KPI planning

Is your assessment the correct measure for your employees?

Is your business implementing a fair reward system?

Should your employee deserve a raise?

Stop worrying about this when you sign up to our course.

When your company benefits from your comprehensive structural planning, you can stop worrying about internal matters and focus on growing your business.

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  • One of the speakers has 18 years of experience in human resources training
  • This course is co-organized by the reputable HELP university 
  • This course covers KPI planning extensively, which is unlike conventional courses

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Any human resources courses on the market will easily cost you at least RM1,000. However, Fundamentals of KPI will only cost you RM250. 

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Furthermore, the Fundamentals of KPI course is an intensive one day course that covers KPI planning and appraisal systems efficiently. 

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